AIMES offers

  • Sampling
  • Training
  • Research
  • Monitoring strategy
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Scientific & Practical Advise
  • Development of new analytical techniques

AIMES is your competent partner in fields such as

  • Air sampling
  • Oil Pollutants
  • Sediments
  • Eco-toxicology
  • Accumulation of Organic Pollutants in Food Chains
  • Endocrine Substances in the Marine Environment
  • Trace Chemicals in Seawater

(Organic, Inorganic Contaminants & Nutrients)

   Available analytical results from members of staff see Literature

   Sampling technology      

1. large volume in-situ pumps (KISP II & III)  
2. sediment trap (several types)  
3. purge & trap system

Analytical equipment:

1. Multidimensional Gas chromatographs:

2. High performance liquid chromatography

  • Preparative (Gerstel)
  • ion trap MS (MSn) (Thermoelectron)
  • with micro ECD & FID
  • tandem MS (MS/MS)

3. High performance liquid chromatography:

  • ion trap MS (MSn) (Thermoelectron)
  • tandem MS (MS/MS)

4. Comprehensive two-dimensional GC (ZOEX, GC x GC)

5. Automatic thermo desorption sampler for VOC (Gerstel) 

6. Isotope ratio-combustion (and/or dual inlets) IRMS (MAT252, 253, Delta) with two-dimensional GC

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