Development projects

I. Storing excess, renewable energy by using organic carbon

    A proposal for project founding has been sent

I. to EU in the scope of “horizon 2020”

Decision: No founding due to failed survey (0,02 below requirement)

II. to German Government in the scope of “Entree 100”

The project will start at November 2017.Here 20 partner interact and will develop several solution for generating energy localy

II. Ultrasound treatment

  1. of water from aqua-culture with the aim:
    • to optimize taste of produced fish
    • to increase water quality by reducing chemicals and biological content
    • detailed description
  2. of ballast water from ships
    • Based on aqua culture results match the requirement of ship owners and authority (IMO)
  3. as method of deep sea mining

    Based on the results of the research project
    AIMES has created a proposal for founding a follow up project.
    „Avoidance of a taste influence of fish from cycle plants by means of innovative physicochemical procedures “
    As part of the compound project of the Federal Institution for agriculture and nutrition (BLE)  
    „Systematic optimization of methods of the raising of noble fish in rezirkulierenden systems”
    at the Christian Albrecht University to Kiel, Institut for animal breeding and animal husbandry and the society navy Aqukultur (GMA) in Büsum, Prof.Carsten Schulz, extent of the project 01.03.2012 - 28.02.2015
    This follow up will define a method for sterilization of water with ultrasonic treatment. The proposal has been submitted to EU in the scope of “Horizont 2020”

    Next step is a project with AWI in Bremerhaven

    The project will start in October 2017

    AIMES and its 3 partner will develop a ultrasound treatment to exchange ozone treatment in aquaculture facility..

Deep sea mining


Ultrasound treatment system

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